Woordje van onze gasten. Van mensen die u misschien wel kent...of niet.

If you want big vertical and world class services go to Bell 2. It is that simple. The terrain, food, and accommodation are as good as it gets. Ripley Creek is an incredible remote heli skiing experience. Having traveled the world, I would say that Ripley is one of the great adventure skiing experiences out there. The runs are huge and the sense of solitude is unrivaled. The town of Stewart and nearby Hyder, AK are classic northern towns that are like no place you have ever seen.

Todd Jones: Filmmaker and Co-Founder Teton Gravity Research

The skiing is very similar to what I have skied in Alaska, but it has many more options for down-day type skiing (bad weather skiing). Many tree runs with tons of features in them; cliffs, pillow walls, pillow poppers. And with a tenure a quarter the size of Switzerland, we barely scratched the surface.

Seth Morrison: Skiing Legend

Getting out of the heli and seeing the vast expanse of epic skiing and endless terrain that Ripley Creek has to offer was for sure one of the highlights to last year. It was inspiring and exciting, After 10 days I feel like I only got a taste and can't wait for more.

Adam Clark, North Face / TGR Photographer

We had all been dreaming of this sort of thing since salivating over Warren Miller movies in the 70's. Vast untracked bowls that would fit an average Australian ski resort, and LF made it happen. On top of this, the LF crew made the experience unforgettable. I think the model is perfect, fun lodge, great food and staff and NO attitude. Thanks for everything - very professional - come visit us

S. Andrea: Guest

It was the dream of my life and it was even better than I imagined.
I'm so sad for the last 2 days - thanks to all of you // It was the best!! - now I'm hooked and even spoiled for life!!

Anonymous: Guest

I ski - I came to ski and I got to ski - best ski vacation ever!
Thanks for everything - very professional - come visit us in Aspen.

J. Martin: Guest

This week was the fulfilment of a 30 year dream! I am totally impressed with your organization & associates. Thanks so much for taking such good care of us and for making my dream come true!

S. Moore: Guest

The food is fantastic, having worked in some to the top hotels and cruise ships I have to say those guys really do make the day finish perfect - thank you.

A. Reeves: Guest